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2018 Eisenstein_Climate: A New Story This is the first of Charles Eisenstein’s works that we’ve read, although we have collected a bunch of his work (and reviews of his work on climate and other topics) here in the Climate Web: Eisenstein, Charles. We have not yet started integrating his specific ideas in “Climate - A New Story - into the Climate Web, and we’re not quite sure whether he’s incredibly insightful or hopelessly naive when it comes to tackling climate warming, but we’re intrigued by his message, and would like to find out whether the climate community generally is familiar with his work and how it’s regarded. If you have insight you would be interested in sharing, we’d love to hear from you.

2021/11 Climate Reparations - The Case for Carbon Removal - Could commitments by industrialized countries to remove large amounts of carbon from the air proxy as climate “reparations?” It could turn into an interesting topic of conversation. See also the Index Entry I:ClimateReparations.

I:NACNaturalAssetCompanies. NACs are a new entry onto the scene of climate finance, and are potentially important to the conversation because they span the huge topics of climate finance and natural climate solutions. But the Climatographers are still trying to understand what NACs really represent, and whether they simply imply privatizing everything and then charging everyone for ecosystem services. Any insight to share?

Klima DAO Klima DAO presents itself as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization for change, and as climate solution. Klima DAO is part of the much larger set of conversations around green cryptocurrencies: Like NACs, however, the Climatographers are trying to understand what Klima DAO really is and how it would work to help tackle climate warming.

We’re intrigued, for example, by this text on the Klima DAO website:

Concern 1: Carbon offsets aren’t trustworthy

This is an important one, so let’s take a step back. The concept of carbon offsets has been around for a while, but it really got a boost in 2005 when the Kyoto Protocol took effect. Back then, this was still a relatively novel concept, with its fair share of teething problems, and some cowboys took advantage of poor oversight.

Today, it has matured into a set of robust global frameworks developed by experts over the last 15 years. At its core are internationally recognized certification bodies, that make sure every ton of CO2 offsets they certify is rigorously measured, monitored and verified.

Take the Verified Carbon Standard, and the Gold Standard. They’re widely considered the two highest standards for quality carbon offsetting in the world, and certify all of our projects. They guarantee that every ton of CO2 offset is:

Additional: Wouldn’t have happened without your support

Contained: Won’t cause emissions to go up elsewhere

Permanent: Is protected against destruction by human or natural causes

Sustainable: Has a positive impact on local communities and environment

Verified: Is inspected and verified by an independent third party

Unique: Has a unique ID on a public ledger and can only be counted once

So, while you’ll always be able to find someone online selling uncertified or questionable offsets, going with these standards will make sure your offsets are trustworthy and effective.

Do the people behind Klima DAO really believe that offset standards “guarantee” offset performance? There are so many things factually wrong with the italicized text above that it’s hard to know where to start. But it is useful in understanding where blockchain conversations are coming from. If you actually believe that offset quality is guaranteed, it totally changes the nature of the conversation surrounding what blockchain based technologies can deliver.

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